What is My Medical Massage

What is My Medical Massage?


Medical Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Orthopedic Massage and Sports Massage 


Are results-oriented therapy, medical massage works toward resolving specific conditions that a physician has or may diagnosed in a patient.

More a style than a set of techniques, medical massage therapy employs a variety of modalities and procedures to treat the particular areas of a patient’s body suffering from injury or pain. Working hand-in-hand with physicians, medical massage therapists aim to achieve the best possible health outcomes for the patient.

Medical massage therapists combine their medical massage training, experience and tuition to evaluate a patient’s medical condition and decide on a path for treatment. The outcome-based nature of the therapy means that medical massage therapists focus on the particular injury or source of pain and apply specific treatments to help relieve the patient’s condition.

Like other massage therapists, medical massage practitioners work in a variety of health care facilities, from clinics to physician’s offices to wellness centers to private practice. While they might meet with some patients just a few times, other patients may require several weeks or months of therapeutic sessions to reach prescribed health goals

Massage Therapy encompasses different disciplines, specializations and expertise. For example, Full Body Medical Stress Management Massage associates important methods in managing side effects of stress including high blood pressure, anxiety, tension headaches, ulcers as well as prevention of aforementioned pathologies. Orthopedic Massage is also a Medical/Therapeutic Massage deals with procedures designed to treat back and limb disorders that could be results of sports related injuries, industrial injuries, car accidents and etc… Another area of expertise is the sports massage including pre and post event sports massage procedures. Pre-event sports massage helps us prepare athletes to perform better as well as prevent sports related injuries. Post-event sports massage is series of methods that focuses on rehabilitating professional athletes and gym enthusiasts from the side effects of vigorous exercise and over training.

Why Medical Massage?

Medical massage is one of the most effective and simple tools for reaching rapid and sustained results in various disorders including sciatic nerve neuralgia, hypertension, impingement syndromes, and lower back disorders. Medical massage is a comprehensive method of soft tissue mobilization consisting of connective tissue massage (fascia mobilization), muscular mobilization, trigger point therapy, skin mobilization, and other components. The elimination of these abnormalities leads to immediate results, including reduction of pain, and release of nerve impingement.

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